Quality Childhood Education for Lifelong Learners
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Services We Offer
  • Childcare 18 months to 7 Years 11 months
  • Preschool
  • After School Care
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Important Information

Please notify the staff if someone other than the family is picking up your child. Children will be not be released to someone other than you, without your written consent. If this information is called in, please give a verbal description of the person and they will be asked to show identification. Signature MUST be on file for all adults who will be picking up children at our centre. Adults may be asked for a current ID to confirm signature.

Please notify the centre if your child will be absent or late. Parents of school are children who travel on the school bus are reminded to call the centre if your child will not be coming to the centre. Children scheduled to arrive on the bus and do not attend, the parent will be contacted. If we cannot contact the parent or emergency phone numbers provided, the center will have no choice but to contact the police.

Please do not drop off your child early at the centre because sufficient staff would not be in place. Early Childhood Educators often work both centres and staff ratios have to be followed.

Please drop off and pick up your child on time. There is a $5.00 per 15 minute late fee. If for some reason you are unable to pick up your child, please phone the center and/or arrange for a family member to pick up your child.

Sign IN/OUT Your child

Parents/Guardians are required to sign their child in/out each day with their unique signature. Please ensure that your child is escorted into the building and that he/she is under the supervision of the Early Childhood Educator before leaving the promises.

Policy Regarding Parents

Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s program and development. Peter Pan Child Care Centre maintains open communication with parents. Parents are welcome any time throughout the day. Early Childhood Educators and Parents work as a team to facilitate and enhance the child’s total development.

A bulletin board is located in the entrance that provides any new information about the centre and upcoming events. Parents must be available by phone or have current emergency contacts for their child at all times in the event of sickness, storm etc.

We ask that parents limit their calls to the center because it takes An Early Childhood Educator away from the program. Please speak to staff to see what times are convenient. Staff are available to discuss your child’s development upon request.

Policy Regarding Staff

The staff at Peter Pan Child Care Centre are trained Early Childhood Educators and have a course in CPR and First Aid. All staff are actively participating in workshops, and courses to maintain their professional development. Staff are available to discuss your child at drop off or pick up times. Any concerns that required an extended amount of time will need to be scheduled with the operator.

9 Mackay Street, Gander NL, A1V 1R6
Phone: 709-256-8193
2 Gray Ave., Gander NL, A1V 2N1
Phone: 709-256-8593

Fax: 709-381-0284
Email: peterpan@nl.rogers.com
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